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West Shore, Lake Tahoe

 It amazes me how with the change of a season brings a change in the color of the lake. During the winter Lake Tahoe is a deep icy blue removing it’s summery greenish tint. I suppose the color of the lake during the winter is an over indicator of the feelings in the air. A cool and crisp feeling in which causes you to bundle up in dark relatable colored clothes.



Essential Winter Boots


Bob Dylan ❤


Of Pirates & Gypsies Necklaces

 A perfectly relatable style for winter fashion is grunge. I am a major fan of grunge wear anytime of the year however; I love how dark colors, layers and flannels go particularly well with the vivid blue of the lake in December. It’s amazing to me how fashion and nature compliment each other from season to season. Fashion has always been influenced by nature, in both utility and design aspects, and natures ever changing state will always push to keep fashion evolving in the same way.

Next time you are enjoying natures beauty take a moment to reflect on how it’s reflects your style… ~ Kiley

Wearing; The Laundry Room “You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Died in California” Flannel, John Galt by Brandy Melville “Bob Dylan” Tee-Shirt, Fold Over Riding Leggings, Penny Loves Kenny Stud Moto Boots and Of Pirates & Gypsies Necklaces.