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Lately I have been obsessed with the Beatnik’s and the birth of the hippie generation. Luckily for me I have also been spending a decent amount of time exploring the city where it all began. When I walk around San Francisco I can feel the nostalgia of a time that not only changed the city but the world in one way or another. I can’t help to think that by being in the city I am somehow part of the history that someday will be. It’s a feeling that truly excites my soul.


Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park


Coit Tower


Sunset From Treasure Island


San Fran at Night 

Every time I step onto the streets of San Francisco I am stricken with a sense of inspiration. I am greatly inspired by the cities past but also by it’s potential. It is truly a inspiring feeling to understand that you are in a place which limits no creativity, opinion or lifestyle. San Francisco is an open book in whomever is able to be the character in which the choose. And that is most definitely a book that I am willing to emerge myself in.

San Francisco someday soon I will call you home
~ Kiley