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Sunsets with Friends & Family

It is evident now that summer is over. Though the weather is maintaining nice there are other sure tell signs. First of all the invasion of people has discontinued. In a tourist town a lack of people is sure sign that summer is over. Second the sun sets before you feel it should. Out of nowhere your days are cut short and no one seems to be happy about it. Last but not least the trees are beginning to change. This is actually the only beautiful part of the end of summer; leafs of yellow, orange and red. In honor of summers farewell I dug up some of my favorite summer photos to reminisce on. Thank you summer of 2014 for being the best summer ever!



Wildflowers, Backyard Hiking and My Pup



Tanning out on the Lake


Wonderlusting in the Mountains



Creek Life with My Besties

Summer Storm

Summer Storms


Playing Mermaid at Mermaid Beach



Autumn in Lake Tahoe

Autumn had fallen upon us. Now it’s time to sit back and wait for nature to bless us with winters snow. And soon enough time will bless us with a New Year, which will once again bring us summer.

Until next year, summer you will surely be missed!
~ Kiley