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Subway Life

Since I can remember I’ve always had dreams of living the big city life. Finally this past February my two best friends, Jessie and Chelsea, and I made the trip across the country to visit Mary Katherine in New York City. MK had been living there for only 6 months and the entire time we were anticipating our visit. We finally arrived on a cold Super Bowl afternoon to all my dreams coming true.


First Glance of New York City


NYC cover in snow


City Fashion

Central Park

Central Park


City Skyline


Statue of Liberty

After 5 days of exploring the city via subway I was even more in love then I ever could have ever imagined. But even more I was in love with the idea of seeing a place for the first time, which is ultimately what took my to the Philippines only a few months later. New York is a city full of fashion, lights and culture. A city I had dreamt of for years and had a hard time leaving but in my heart know I will return soon.


Times Square

Times Square

Until next time NYC…
~ Kiley

Wearing; H&M Militant Jacket and Knit Mittens, Raj Infinity Scarf, J Brand Photo Ready Jeans and Ugg Boots.